Limnocorrals, Microcosms, Enclosures

Limnocorral, Microcosm, Enclosure
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  • Long-term ecological monitoring

  • Pollution studies

  • Trophic-level manipulation studies

  • Naturalness of conditions

About Our Limnocorrals, Microcosms, Enclosures

Microcosm Unit Includes:

Microcosms are customized to meet specific requirements of fisheries and plankton investigations.

Free-floating (Pelagic) or Benthic (attached to bottom) models are available up to 5.0 m diameter and 30.0 m deep.

Divers are required to properly deploy enclosures, particularly with Benthic models, where the curtain hems require considerable anchoring to the sediments.

Various curtain materials are available including:

  • Polyethylene (opaque, $)
  • PVC (clear, $$)
  • PETG (clear, semi-rigid film, $$$)
  • Nitex® nylon (specify mesh size, $$$$)

All materials are U.V. stabilized to reduce light degradation. Grommets are used in the top hem for suspension of the curtain to the floatation frame and in the bottom hem for "pursing" (pelagic) or staking to the sediments (benthic).

The 30.0cm lay-flat bottom hem (benthic) provides enough room for ballast material (chains or sandbags are recommended and not included). Mid bag shape is maintained using 3/4" PVC pipe hoops attached to pipe loops located at 2.0 m intervals.

Floatation rings are constructed from unsinkable, foam-filled sections (2.0 m) of corrugated PVC pipe (25 cm diam). The curtain, attached to a PVC octagon is then strapped to the floatation ring.