Utermöhl (Phytoplankton) Sedimentation Chambers

Utermöhl Sedimentation Chambers
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Utermöhl (Phytoplankton) Sedimentation Chambers
Complete and Ready to Use Kit Includes:
1) UTERMOEHL SEDIMENTATION CHAMBER ASSEMBLY clear polycarbonate/polyethylene construction, settle four (4) slide/chambers at one time. No sealing grease required for chambers x 50 ml and less
2) Four (4) place Leveling/handling Table mechanical seals w/ nylon hardware
3) 18 each Utermoehl Microsope Slides (75mmx40mm) with ultra-thin glass (Zeiss) bottom plates (28mm diameter x 0.17mm thick)
4) Four (4) each Settling Chambers (aka "chimneys") x any volume combination (specify in Option Tabs: 5,10, 25,50 or 100 ml)
5) Hardware, circular chamber top seals, microscope slide cover slips direction set


  • Phytoplankton enumeration and identification

  • Designed for use with most inverted microscopes

  • Settle large volume samples

About Our Utermöhl Sedimentation Chambers

Key Features

Clear polycarbonate and polyethylene construction
Settle four (4) slide- chamber assemblies at one time
Four (4) place leveling/handling table mechanical seals with nylon hardware
18 each Utermöhl microscope slides (75mmx40mm) with ultra-thin glass (Zeiss) bottom plates (28mm diameter x 0.17mm thick)
Four (4) each settling chambers (a.k.a. "chimneys") x any volume combination of four chambers (specify: 5,10, 25,50 or 100 ml)
Circular chamber top seals, (no sealing grease required for chambers x 50 ml and less)
Direction set, ready for use


To avoid leaking, setting chambers larger than 50 ml generally requires the use of vacuum grease to hold a perfect seal between microscope slide and settling chamber base plate. However, this grease creates a messy and cumbersome cleanup. Below, we describe a tip for eliminating the use of grease to settle larger volume chambers:

  • Place fully assembled chamber unit (with microscope slides and settling chambers fastened to leveling table) in a shallow sink, cooler or water bath
  • Carefully fill the water bath with tap water until the settling chamber/microscope slide plates are fully immersed. When using 50,75 and 100 ml chambers, fill the water bath as full as possible without flooding the chamber tops
  • The above procedure alleviates the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the seals between the microscope slides and settling chamber base plates, thus creating a perfect seal without use of grease
  • Follow directions according to standard direction set.
  • Allow chambers to settle for 12 hours under full emersion.
  • Carefully remove chambers from sink and quickly work to slide setting chambers off underlying microscope slides.


Microscope counting chambers are compressed between settling chambers and leveling table by knurled thumbscrews. Hence, vacuum grease is generally not needed when settling volumes less than 50 ml.

Settling chambers are filled with sample water and allowed to settle for 24 hours. Carefully remove thumbscrews while applying downward pressure on settling chamber base. Slide settling chamber forward towards evacuation hole to drain contents safely.

Underlying microscope counting chamber remains undisturbed and ready for examination with inverted microscope.