Universal Corer

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  • Paleoecological analysis
  • Simple one-moving part “check valve assembly” seals automatically
  • The CNC made check valve was specifically designed to freely flush during deployment
  • Upon retrieval, a perfect vacuum is formed to retain sediments inside core barrel
  • Collects beautiful undisturbed cores of mud-water interface to 2.4 m depth
  • Deployed in a multitude of ways:
    1. By a diver with T-handle with lifting eye
    2. In shallow water using Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods (max. Z 25 m)
    3. In a deep lake using Gravity Weights and/or Percussion Slide-Hammer Assembly
  • Drives thin-wall Clear Polycarbonate Core Barrels, 2 5/8 (68mmid) x 2 ¾” (71mmod), perfectly optimized barrel size designed to collect long cores with minimal disturbance or drawdown
  • No “core-catchers” or messenger required