Russian Peat Borer

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  • Paleoecological analysis of bog and salt marsh sediments
  • Collection of uncompressed cores in poorly decomposed woody peat
  • Single-moving part instrument employing a “Close-Open-Close” design
  • Side-filling bore can collect mud at discrete depths without core compression/shortening
  • Shallow water applications (Max Z. 25 m) using Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods
  • Highly versatile instrument used in a variety of research/industrial sampling problems


  • Stainless steel and Delrin® construction
  • 5.0 cm diameter x 50 cm long (100 cm bores available on request)
  • Turning “T” handle
  • 2-ea Aluminum holobar extension rod with stainless steel couplers (40mm diam. x 1.2m)
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tubing construction with 7/8” – 9NC stainless steel threaded couplers, wrench flats (to aid uncoupling)
  • Double-shotgun carry case