Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods

Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods
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Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods

  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction, 40mm diam x 1.2 m and 2.4 m lengths available

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum (tubing) holobar construction provides lightweight, super-rigid, and buoyant extension rods that can easily deployed to a maximum of 20 meter

  • A string of Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods can be easily coupled/uncoupled on the waters’ surface since it floats; lightweight and rigid enough to be handled in 5 m long sections

  • ARI Extension Rods are adaptable to most ARI coring equipment and provide the best way to “communicate” with the core heads

  • Sediment coring with Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods allows the end-user to directly measure any “core shortening and/or core compression”

  • “T”-handles and Slide Hammer Assemblies are Sediment Corer Accessories helpful for deploying (gently hammering downward) and recovering (nudging barrel upwards) core samples from compact deposits

  • 2.4-meter long Extension Rod price includes UPS OVERSIZED shipping costs.