Polycarbonate Core Barrels

Polycarbonate Core Barrels
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Polycarbonate Core Barrels

Clear Polycarbonate core barrels come in two (2) sizes:

  • 68 mmid (2 5/8”) x 71 mmod (2 3/4”), used with Universal Corer, Icelandic Piston, Discrete Point Piston, and Gravity (NLA) Corer

  • 95 mmid (3 3/4”) x 10 cm mmod (4.0”), used with Lage Bore Universal Corer

  • Core Barrel edges come chamfered (sharpened) to cut through sediment with minimal disturbance

  • Polycarbonate Core Barrels are extremely strong, clear, and rigid

  • Core Barrels can be easily machined – modified with hand-held electric tools: drill, tap, cut, mark, chamfer, split

  • All core barrels come with two each (2) poly end caps

  • Core Extruding Plugs used as a primary seal and to prepare the core sample for the Core Extruding Apparatu

  • Price of 2.4 m Long Core Barrels (68mm or 95mm) includes UPS OVERSIZED shipping surcharge.