Student Water Sampler – Horizontal

Student Water Sampler Horizontal
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Student Water Sampler - Complete and Ready to Deploy
1) Horizontal Water Sampler with heavy-walled latex internal closure
2) Clear polycarbonate cylinder x 1.2 liters, polyethylene bushings with rubber ball end seals
3) Vertical release mechanism
4) 20 m polyester low stretch lowering line x 6 mm diameter
5) 1 kg ballast weight
6) 333 gm solid bronze messenger
7) Nylon coated mesh carry case
8) Direction set


  • General-purpose water samplers for student and Volunteer monitoring
  • Suitable for data collection of physical (temperature), chemical (dissolved gasses, nutrients, metals), and biological (photo-zooplankton stratification) water quality attributes
  • Super duty construction, perfect for students, good value
  • Free-flushing nonmetallic water sample containment
  • Messenger actuated horizontal or vertical release mechanisms are simple, easy to arm, and reliable
  • Clear polycarbonate construction
  • Standard sampler volume (l) 1.2 liter
  • Polyethylene and stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty Latex band internal closure assembly with fail-safe back-up cord; fully adjustable and easy to replace
  • Multiple samplers on a single wire can be deployed for serial (“in-series”) collection of water at various depths

About Our Student Water Samplers

Key Features

1.2 liter horizontal or vertical water sampler
Optional internally mounted armored thermometer (C or F)
Solid bronze messenger
20 m calibrated line
Plastic set line reel
Carrying bag

Horizontal Water Sampler

Horizontal Water Samplers are ideal for thin-layer temperature and chemical stratification monitoring. The messenger activated horizontal release mechanism is easy to load and provides reliable closures. It is important to move the sampler from side to side at the desired stratum to ensure sufficient "flow-thru" before closure.

Vertical Water Sampler

Sample tubes are vertically oriented to "free-flush" until desired depth is reached. The release mechanism provides reliable messenger activated sampler closure. Balls are loaded separately and held open during deployment by a spring-loaded release pin.

A second, tethered, messenger can also be attached to the release mechanism. When a messenger sliding down the line impacts the anvil of the release pin, the balls (under tension of a latex band) are released and pulled inside tube brushings while the suspended messenger is released actuating the closure of deeper bottles, attached to the same line, for serial ("in-series") collection of water at various depths.

These sampling cylinders are constructed using clear polycarbonate tubing which has considerably higher impact resistance than materials used in other similar type samplers. A liquid-spirit filled, armored thermometer is mounted inside the sample tube for instant temperature measurement.